our mission

Since MusX Media’s foundation, we have always been passionate about music for picture. Combining the art of music and the science of new technologies, we strive to create scores that are artistically inspired, innovative and of the highest quality.

our vision

MusX Media values the immense creative potential in collaborating nationally and internationally with other companies and talent. Utilizing our own bandwidth of experience, artistic excellence, and technology we hope to work together with similarly imaginative and inspirational partners to create new and original productions that are commercially and socially significant.

our values

MusX Media is conscientious of the educational and social impact of multimedia. Consequently, we pay special attention to the meaning music brings in its interaction with the narrative and image. All our undertakings reflect values at the core of MusX Media: creativity, integrity, quality and teamwork.


MusX Media’s studios are nestled between the lush rolling hills and mountains of the Lanaudière region in Quebec, just over an hour from Montreal. The studios are equipped with state of the art technology for complete music and audio post-production.

production studio

  • Intel Mac based, PC farms, RAID storage
  • DP and Pro-Tools based software
  • SSL based recording, Apogee converters
  • Unlimited tracking, fully automated
  • Mixing and mastering in stereo and 5:1
  • Ethernet link to all other suites and set-ups

editing suite

  • Intel Mac based, RAID storage
  • DP and Pro-Tools based software
  • Music and sound effects database system.
  • Ethernet link to all other suites and set-ups
  • Staff kitchen and rest facilities

recording suite

  • Large space dedicated for special recordings
  • Center for youth projects
  • Ethernet link to all other suites and set-ups
  • Staff kitchen and rest facilities

We have a variety of live instruments at our studios including numerous acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic pianos, violins, and a battery of traditional and ethnic percussion instruments.

For all inquiries
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MusX Media
Creating award-winning original scores, songs & soundscapes for the television, film & multimedia industries.
Founded by Mark Giannetti and Josée Destrempes over 20 years ago, the company’s worldwide experience has provided the music for more than 350 television episodes, and numerous films from popular animated children’s productions to contemporary drama series.